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Fall Thru (Freestyle)


Fall Thru (Freestyle) Lyrics

Uh-huh, yeah
Fall thru, baby, fall thru

[Verse 1]
I'ma be there for him anytime he fall through
Got the keys to the crib, he ain't gotta call, boo
Give what to who? Ha, nah, this pussy all you
Beat it up, beat it up, give it to me more, boo
All these bitches mad 'cause they know they can't have you
Throw subs all day, bet they won't tag you
Them be the same hating bitches that'll flag you
Liking all your pics but deep inside you mad, boo
You ain't gotta spoil me, daddy I can spoil you
There for you everytime, you know I am loyal
You the king, I'm the queen, together we are royal
Fell in love the first time that I ever saw you

[Bridge 1]
All these niggas out here and I choose you
But I sit back and I ask myself "why, why?"
There's a million niggas out here in this world
But you my number one
These bitches need to fall the fuck back

[Verse 2]
Fuck calling up my pops, I'ma call up my zaddy
Slide in my DM but they can't have me
Tryna work it out, I really want this badly
Put your name on my ass, I'll let you gas me
I really wanna change but I'm a female savage
Slim waist, fat ass, nothing like your average
Turn you to a vegan how you tossing up my salad
A1 student 'cause that brain was so valid
Relationship goals and they really wanna be us
Stay from my man, bitch, or we will have to meet up
Don't believe me thot then ask the last bitch I beat up
Bitch, you talking crazy, turn that frontal to a caesar

[Bridge 2]
I told that stupid ass bitch "stay the fuck away from my man"
But she tried me
So I just gave her what she asked for
Bitch, play with your pussy, don't play with my nigga
'Cause I go hard for mine, OK?

[Verse 3]
He don't wanna ride with a sloppy hoe
Boss bitch, my money up, your coins is low
All these bitches mad 'cause they gotta go
Better tell them hating bitch vamanos, oh
She's a hood girl, bad girl, smart, petty, mad real
She just wanna shine, hoe
And last night was mad lit
Good dick, backwoods
Stop me while I talk, oh

Na-na, na-na-na
Life in Plastic Part 2 coming soon
So stay tuned, OK?

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DreamDoll freestyles Meek Mill’s ‘fall thru’

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