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"Gangin" Freestyle

Lil Trxpp

"Gangin" Freestyle Lyrics

Ayy man shout out dev im finna rip this hoe
Ayy ayy gang
Ayy ayy

(Verse 1)
Its been a minute but my life has changed
Im getting money like fuck is you sayin
Getting the gualla boy I stack this paper
Young nigga been ballin
Like I am a laker
Sippin the henny im use to no chaser
Check my networth, I just called up my banker
Like why is you hatin, boy why is you flexin
Yo jewlery fake boy
Im finna test it
Im getting a cough, Im getting sick
Pour me up some lean im trying to sip
18 and I just bought a whip
40 shots we gon air out yo lip

(Verse 2)
You thought it was over but boy I just started
I shot at your grandma the stupid hoe sharted
Brand new whip and my money retarted
Shout out the bay, vallejo and shit
Me and my niggas we finna get rich
Richard milli nigga fuck a Ap
Iced out boy my shit in the sea
50k in diamonds come snatch it from me

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""Gangin" Freestyle" Track Info