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Goldie Lyrics

[Verse 1: FreeJC]
Crip colored clothes with a snapback white cap
So I got ready to write and rip some ripe raps
I been steady rollin', living nice, playing dice craps
While you boys fucking pussies like strapped dike laps
Drowning yous in my flow with skill yo
Killer coffee colored chicas come to this bro
I'm getting things stirring like a hot cup of joe
Made your girl Suga cream, she's a sweet little ho
Got it in the bag like my ounce of sour D
This award winning shit like Dwight Howard's D
I went and asked Kanye, "Who got the power? Me?"
Damn, I might be white but it's hard to disagree
Money$Team tracks is classic like a golden oldie
Rold gold, haters salty, faces green and moldy
Blackjack hold me, the ace of this whole team
Locks on all the pretty bitches, always winning goldie

[Verse 2: Dyaz the Bringer of Love n Peace]
I'm hotter than the Devil spitting bars after finishing his chilli
Just here getting money, cause you don't dare unlocking my zippy
Every penny you'll pay is the beginning of my milli
You're better off moving your lips in sync with Milli Vanilli
I'm schooling y'all, but soon this'll all be history
Cause the only time you'll be in the paper is when I kill thee
You ain't going nowhere so just stop gilding the lily
I don't know who'll spit bars right now but keep it trilly

[Verse 3: J-Franks]
This joint moldy cause we acquire that green dough
This joint moldy cause we light that green, doe
Man, if you a Zeus to a Kronos
I'm a noose to your non-existant bonus
I see you bought a sun roof Chevy for the equinox
Nice weather now, hit the beach in a pair of crocs
No sun tan lotion so my that skin turn goldie
Hope I dont wrinkle though, don't wanna look oldie

[Verse 4: MC Rimmer]
Fuck women, kids and shit, I'm straight
From digging crates, to joking up prates
Life's great, fuck bitches, and their defecate
Spilling rhymes to be killing the time
Illing, but chilling sublime
Blasting mad beats, the type of cad sweet
Fuck maturity, young buck has purity
Don't fix something that ain't broken
Bitch don't need a ring, that ain't a token
The answer is truth
So fuck grown ups and fuck ups, I'm in my youth
My motherfucking state of mind, without doubt
Shout and pout, but I'm on a higher level route

[Verse 5: M'Balls]
Dressed in gunny, I be steady chasing the money
Power hungry, I got an ocean full of honey
Chillin' on the beach where it be sunny
Illin' with a bitch who'd like to rub me
Getting ready for the eggs from the Easter bunny
This is serious, shit ain't funny, Sonny
Spittin' straight nonsense, rhymin' like Hodgy
But you're still gon' beg for more, dummy

[Verse 6: ExpensivePasta]
This the fucking Posse Cut
Sign bullets anonymous
We got so many bitches, gay niggas try to admire us
Got Ru Paul to cosign, all we need now is Mickey & Donald Duck
Pasta's dada's Rastas clapping niggas with a shotty Gun
While in the reggae parties clapping asses with the toilet buns
Think that shit is fun?
How about waking up the next morning with Money$Team's bitches licking on your cunt
I mean dick
Which is so long it make bitches spit
6 inches plus 12 inches and another foot we call that big stick
Fuck condom wrappers, all we do is stick it in slick
Dashing chains from that nigga Dame
Money$Team rocked them fellas til they all were slain
Rapping over OF track so I gotta be insane
Snapped Rysarm's neck and hung it on my picture frame

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About “Goldie”

M$T goes over the beat to the best Odd Future posse cut, “Oldie

FRIENDLY COMPETITION: comment at the bottom who had the best line on the track, doe, ya dig?

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