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Psychedelic Ascension

Mr Traumatik

Psychedelic Ascension Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, okay
Big up my multi dimensional entities
I'm talking truth and now they're thinking Traumatik's mad
I'm talking truth so the truth is I'm a savage lad
Truth hurts so I kill 'em using tragic facts, you need to be responsible and take the planet back
Human beings must be blinded by cataracts, so I'm tying razors on my hands and giving them happy slaps
People panick and the place is getting manick fam, every human being must die to save the habitat
So fuck it I'm going mad and grabbing cash, growing hydroponics and feeding them organic mats
Grabbing hand fulls of cannabis from plastic bags, then I'm rolling up and smoking up the magic fags
I'm making oil from the buds[?] I'm also dabbing wax
, I'm doing big bombs of mandy then I'm shagging slags
I'm taking massive dabs of LSD and acid tabs, I don't do the crack so I stay away from smacking slabs
When it comes to psychadelics I'm a master, I'm activating all my low and higher chakras
I'm smoking DMT and drinking ayahuasca then I'm eating magic mushrooms with my fish and pie and pasta
I'm like a rasta all I do is smoke the 'erbal, infinite supply I don't need a home to burgal
Every day I thought the breaks no commercial and I'm mentally a mess and in my head there's loads of hurdles
Now I'm tripping out on ecstasy the roads are purple, I'm seeing sacred symmetary and roads of circles
No rehearsal, I be the first to mention every second of the day I want to leave the third dimension
You can learn attention by taking psychadelics, only natural plants though, cheap drugs are hypothetic
I'm like a crazy scientist I'm like a medic, cos these psycadelic compounds are both of my genetics[?]

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About “Psychedelic Ascension”


Mr Traumatik’s ‘psychedelic ascension’ is the 12th track from his 2015 album ‘Post traumatik stress disorder’. Widely considered to be his most famous song because of its witty, memorable lyrics with an drum and bass background.

"Psychedelic Ascension" Track Info