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XXXTentacion’s “BAD” Offers A Brief Glimpse At His Upcoming Posthumous Album ‘Skins’

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Controversies surrounding X’s legacy and the release of his new music have continued to mount.

Ever since the murder of Florida rapper XXXTentacion earlier this year, the specter of a posthumous album has hung over the hip-hop community. Today, X’s posthumous single, “BAD,” dropped, revealing the first taste of what to expect from his upcoming album, Skins. The song runs just over one minute and 30 seconds, and first appeared as a snippet on X’s Instagram earlier this year. It’s produced by his frequent collaborator John Cunningham, alongside Robert Soukiasyan.

On the track, X reflects on his mental state:

I might be insane, yeah
But I love the pain, yeah
Feel it in the brain, yeah-ahh

“BAD” has earned nearly 400,000 pageviews on Genius since its release just over 12 hours ago, reflecting continued interest in the artist despite the latest controversy.

X’s posthumous features have dribbled out slowly since his death on songs like “Falling Down” with Lil Peep, “Don’t Cry” with Lil Wayne, and “Arms Around You” with Lil Pump—each of which was met with some controversy.

In addition, recently released audio from Pitchfork revealed X seeming to confess to the serious domestic violence charges that he faced at the time of his death. The audio has cast another dark shadow on the legacy of the explosively popular young rapper.

X’s new album, Skins, drops on December 7. Cunningham recently told Genius that X had largely finished recording the album before his murder. The 10-track album will run just 17 minutes in length, indicating a structure closer to his 2017 debut album 17 than this year’s ? (Question Mark). The full tracklist and any potential features have yet to be revealed, but the album seems destined to be yet another flashpoint in the complex reception to the late rapper’s posthumous music.

Listen to the song above and read all the lyrics to XXXTentacion’s “BAD” on Genius now.