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Q-Tip 527

AKA: Jonathan W. Davis, Jonathan William Davis, Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, Kamaal Fareed, and The Abstract (Q-Tip)

About Q-Tip

Jonathan Davis, aka Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, aka Q-Tip is a New York-based rapper (born in Brooklyn, April 10, 1970) who started his career with the hip-hop collective A Tribe Called Quest, collaborating on such rap classics as “Can I Kick It” and “Scenario.” He’s since gone onto a solo career that hasn’t reached the popularity of ATCQ, but did produce the Grammy-Award nominated album Renaissance.

Q-Tip is also a talented producer, having gotten his start producing for fellow Queens-born rappers Nas and Mobb Deep. Now he’s risen to become a trusted producer of Kanye’s, working on tracks for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and his Jay-Z collaboration Watch the Throne.

Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest were among the first popular hip-hop artists to include social commentary and Afro-centric ideas in their lyrics. Along with their New York-based friends and sometime collaborators Mos Def and Talib Kweli, they helped create the vibrant subgenre now known as Conscious Rap. Which is great. But by giving Busta Rhymes his first big break, Q-Tip also helped unleash Busta’s acting career on the world, so it hasn’t been all roses…