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Ski Mask The Slump God & XXXTENTACION

About Ski Mask The Slump God & XXXTENTACION

The Iconic duo, XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask The Slump God Lemme Tell You The History about Them.

XXXTENTACION, Also Known As Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, X, Triple X, Or Yung Dagger Dick (January 28,1998- June 18,2018) , His early life Influences were Fray, Kings Of Leon And (Probably) Lorde and For Rap, Lil Wayne, Their Are Probably More, But That’s All I Can Name.

Ski Mask The Slump God, (April 18, 1996) Or Stokley Clevon Goulbourne, From Broward County Florida Also Where X Came From To, His Main Influence Is Slipknot, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang Clan, Missy Elliott, & Gucci Mane, Also MANY More.

X’s Early Life Was Very Controversial, His Dad Went To Jail While he was 12, He Was “Abused” By His Mom, He Had 3 Siblings One Being Half, And So Technically 2, Even Though He Was “Abused” By His Mom, He Still Loved Her, In Fact, He Loved Her So Much That When Somebody Tried Attacking His Mom, He Allegedly Stabbed Them, He Was Put In A Youth Program before being forced to move with his grandma, Y.D.D. (Yung Dagger Dick) Attended Piper High School) Until he Dropped out In Tenth grade,He Said he Was not the athletic type, and Was Depressed),

Unlike X, Clevon Was Born In Fort Lauderdale, Florida,Even Though They Were Both Born In Florida, Ski’s Father Was Also A Rapper, Going By “Sin City”

Now On Their First Songs, In June 2013, XXX Released “News/Flock” And Ski Released ‘'Catch Me" in 2015.

Now On How They Met, In 2013, Goulborne Got Sent To juvenile detention center (As Well As X) For possesion of, around $10 worth Of Weed, X got Sent There For Gun Charges While In Jail, For X, Two Things Happened, He Beat Up A Homosexual Cellmate For Trying to “Rape” Him, Explained in his 2016 interview with adam22, And He Met Ski, They Were Both Interested In each other’s Music, And When The Got Out, They Made A Group Called Members Only, And Released “Members Only Vol. 1” A Few Months Later, They Released “Members Only Vol. 2” With More Rappers, also In 2015, X Released His hit Song “Look At Me'‘! But, Before It Blew Up,

Now, In 2016, Ski Mask Released His Tape, “Drown In Designer” Ft. X, Lil Pump, Denzel Curry Craig Xen, And More.

in October Of 2016, X Met His Controversial Ex-Girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, Geneva Accused Him Of Battery, And Domestic Violence Charges, Leaving X In Jail in 2016.

In 2017 of January, Big Rapper Named Drake Released A Snippet Of His Song “KMT” For His Album More Life Which Kinda Sounded Like X’s Song Look At Me, So X Fans Got On Him, And When X Got Out In March 30, He Responded To All Of It On Twitter, X Also Talked About It In An Interview, Drake Responded to all of it in an interview, Even Rappers Such As Offset From The Migos Jumped In An Instragram Live, X Responded To Offset When Offset Dissed Lil Uzi Vert For Wearing an Upside Down Cross Telling Offset To, “Get Off His Dick”.

On March 29, XXX Announced A New Album On Periscope Called “17”

X Got a lot of attention from that beef with Offset and Drake, Getting Noticed By Big Rappers.

On April 9, Ski Mask Was On Desiigner & 16yrold’s’s Tour, “The Outlet” With Another Rapper, Rob $tone, Ski Arrived Late, And Was Still On Stage While Rob Stone Was Preforming, According to reports was escorted Off stage.
Ski Tried getting on the mic while Rob Was On Stage,Ski Got Frustrated And Decided Not To Leave The Stage, and there is footage Of Ski Getting Escorted of Stage By Some men.

When Things Got Out To XXX Responded, Rob $tone Saw The Tweet X Made And Also Brought Up The Beef X Had With Drake And If You Look At The Tweet, You Can Also See Ski Replied To Rob.

A Day later After All Of This, Ski Mask Got Jumped On Stage While Preforming His Song “Take A Step Back”, Ski Said He Jumped Back On Stage, And Got Chased By A Squad of people.

On April 11, Both Ski & Rob Let Out Their Sides Of The Story In Two Seperate Conversations with XXL, Rob $tone Said, “
The nigga was ruining my spot. So that was the first strike and I told the nigga, ‘Don’t do that. If you’re gonna run on my set, come on ‘Chill Bill’ at the end.’ So he was like, ‘Aight, cool’ and it was straight.”
Stone said strike two was at the San Diego show. According to him, Ski Mask’s lateness forced set times to be pushed back, with Ski Mask being told he’s go on at 9 p.m. Around 9:25, Stone says Ski Mask finally showed up, and took to the stage as Rob Stone was about to go on. When Stone’s DJ wouldn’t hand Ski Mask the mic, he got aggy and stood his ground.

Stone said that after the back-and-forth with XXXTentacion and Ski Mask on Twitter, as well as seeing XXX on Instagram Live “talking about Ski Mask gonna slap the shit outta me,” Stone decided he’d approach Ski Mask at the L.A. show, but Ski Mask showed up and hopped right on stage. “I wasn’t even trying to run onstage and do bro like that. I was supposed to get at bro behind the scenes, but he wanna run onstage and not holla at me like a real nigga, so I run onstage and take the mic from blood and then we beat his ass from the stage to the street. And that’s how it goes. And I left his ass out in the street with his ass out and his underwear. And that’s exactly what happened, from beginning to end.”

Ski Mask saw things differently, saying that AEG (who was putting on the Outlet Tour) was trying to get Rob Stone off of the tour. “Statistically, I shouldn’t even perform before him. Looking at numbers, I shouldn’t have to perform before him because it doesn’t make sense. My numbers are way higher than his in general. Then performance wise, this nigga is ass. He doesn’t do good in general in performance. So they were trying to throw him off [the tour] and he was angry as fuck.” Ski Mask also stated that the San Diego date was supposed to be his last date on the tour, but he says he might not have been getting paid.
Now, even though he says he wasn’t going to perform if he wasn’t going to get paid, he did indicate that he would be telling his fans “‘on the mic that I’m not performing.’ Because they’re gonna think I didn’t even pull up and they’re gonna be mad.” According to Ski Mask, that’s when the footage starts, where he’s on the stage not being given a mic, but not wanting to get off the stage.

In the case of the Los Angeles tour date, Ski Mask said he only went there because he “didn’t want to seem pussy,” indicating that he “didn’t think, even if he was gonna jump me, he was gonna do it like that, by jumping me on the stage and not even give me the heads up that he’s about to jump me or wait until I’m done performing.” As you can see in the above video, that wasn’t the case. Ski Mask also alleges that around eight people attacked him, and at some point, knives were drawn and his friend was stabbed.

In May 1, Rob Got Replaced By Ski Mask In Rolling Loud, He Talked About it On Twitter
The “their” is in reference to XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God; XXX was already on the bill, and its said that Ski Mask ended up taking Rob Stone’s slot. Stone later spoke out on the situation, reiterating that he was paid not to go “for ‘safety & security,’” and spoke on how his issues with XXXTentacion was the cause of him being let go.

(all information was took From Complex)

In May 11, Of 2017, XXX Teamed Up With Indonesian Rapper Rich Brian/Brian/Rich Chigga & South Korean Rapper Keith Ape To Make Gospel.

In May 17, XXX Dropped A Mixtape Called “Revenge”, With Hits Such as, Look At Me!, “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore”, “YuNg BrAtZ” & “RIP Roach” Which Might Be A Reference To To His Clothes Line, “Revenge”

An Actual DAY Later He Released A Song Called “Revenge”, After Releasing A Mixtape Called Revenge.

Unfortunately,Friend Of XXX Named Jocelyn Flores Commited Suicide The Same Day He Dropped Revenge (The Song), He Talked About it, Click This To Here Him Talk About it..

On April 17, X And Ski Mask Team Up Again To Make A Song Called, “Bowser”.

A Day Later, Ski Mask’s Sneak Disses Rob $tone In A Song XXX Made Called “WHATINXXXTARNATION!?” With A Meme As The Picture.

On April 22, Ski Mask Released Hit Song “BabyWipe”.

On June 7, The Rob $tone Beef Came Back, And, Well… While X Was Preforming Revenge, He Got Knocked Out On Stage,.
It’s hard to tell if XXXTentacion was worrying about any flack from his shared beef with Rob Stone when hitting The Observatory during his Revenge Tour, but knowing what has gone down between Ski Mask and Rob Stone, it’s hard to be surprised. During his set, someone ran onstage and knocked XXX out with a blow. The individual was immediately bumrushed by security, with a major scuffle ensuing both on stage and behind-the-scenes.

It appears that many in the building started screaming “Fuck Rob Stone.” After the incident, when XXX came to, he hit Twitter to not only say he was set up, but to throw a threat for the next time someone attacks him. Fox 5 San Diego reports
that at some point during the incident on stage, a 19-year-old was stabbed. They also indicated that, at the time, there were no reported arrests.
XXXTentacion is also said to have posted this disturbing message on Snapchat, seemingly aimed at Rob Stone and relating to the altercation last night. “You did good,” it starts, “your homie got a good hit on me! Wont lie! But how does it feel knowing your friend might die tonight because of you (not saying I had anything to do with the "stranger” stabbing him) but ya homie not lookin to hot rn."

A Day After All This Controversy, XXX And Ski Mask Released Something That Some Can Consider A Disstrack to Rob, Song Called, “Off The Wall!”.

An Actual Day After That Rob Came Back with THREE Disses, “Xxxtracredit”, “W.W.E.” & “Trap Brazy”

In June 13, XXXTENTACION Was Put as the 10th Spot for XXL With Other Rappers Such As, MadeInTYO, Playboi Carti, Kamaiyah A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Amine, KYLE/SuperDuperKyle, Kap G, PNB Rock, & Ugly God, He Had A Strange Cypher, A Lot Of People Got On him for it.

On The Same Day As X Was Picked, Ski Mask Dropped His Hit Song “Catch Me Outside”.

On June 23, WCVB Channel 5 Boston Covered The Incedient On Jocelyn.

In June 24, Desiigner, Slump God, & 16yrold team up to make “Up Next”.

In June 26, Members Only Released “Members Only Vol. 3” With “WHATINXXXTARNATION?”, “Off The Wall!”, “Bowser” & “H2O”, Those Are All The Collabarations Between XXX & Ski In The Album.

On June 30, Ski Mask Released Another Mixtape Called “YouWillRegret” With Hit Song “Babywipe”, Also Using “H2O” From Members Only Vol. 3, He Also Featured MadeInTYO On His Song “JustLikeMyPiss” Also Featured “DirtyFaceSmook” On His Song “Adventure Time”, He Also Changed His Flow On His 2016 song That Was Featured On The Album Called “Gone” & “Energy”. Even though “Energy” wasn’t made in 2016, he still had a similar type flow he had on “Gone”.

On July 24, Ski Announced The Name Of A Mixtape

On July 27, Cole Bennett Dropped The Music Video For “Catch Me Outside”.

In August 18, Kodak Black, Released Roll In Peace Featuring XXX, Which Was Remixed By Many Other Artists, And Peaked on 31 on Billboard, Tied With Jocelyn Flores.

On August 25, Lil Uzi & X Dropped Their Albums, Lil Uzi Dropped “Luv is Rage 2” and X Dropped 17, A Whole Album Dedicated To Depression, He Sampled Shiloh Dynasty On Some Songs, And The Only Person ACTUALLY Featured Was “Trippie Redd”, X Also Referenced His Friend Who Commited Suicide On His Song “Jocelyn Flores”, 17 Was Later Co-Signed By Kendrick Lamar
On Twitter 2 Times.

On September 12, XXXTENTACION Finally Released His Music Video For “Look At Me!” But It Had A Little Twist, Before The Hook And The Second Verse, Onfroy Decided To Change The Vibe in the 0:48 Part Of The Video, The Second Song Was “Riot”, The Video Got Controversy For X Hanging A Caucasian Kid.

In September 20, XXX Dyed His hair white & Shaved His eye brows, Which Many Criticized Him For.

On October 9, Ski Mask Released A Song With…Offset Called “With Vengance”.

On October 12th, 2017, long time proudcer of X & Ski, Ronny J
Ski Released A Song With Ronny J, Called “Thiller (Forever)”.

On October 27, XXXTENTACION Announces He’s Quitting Music. 3 Days Later, XXX Announced He Will Be Making Music….If Ski Mask Is His Friend Again. A Day Later, Ski Mask Would Respond To XXX.

A Day Later, Complex Would Breakdown The Beef.

On November 2, XXX Went Back To Music, And Previewed New Music.

Onfroy pleaded not guilty on December 14, 2017, and was taken into pretrial custody after a motion was filed by the prosecution on the grounds of Onfroy having violated his bond. He was held without bail.

On December 15, XXXTENTACION Released His 5 Song EP, “A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL!”.

The Same Day He Dropped “A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL!”, He Had Seven More Charges, “Court date is on the 15th 9:00 am here is my court information, if I am taken into custody, I want to tell everyone I’ve let down I apologize, I tried my best, I really did … "he then released the information of the court hearing.

On December 16, X Was Arrested Again

On the same day as X got arrested, Ski Mask dropped a song with Rich The Kid Called “BUKKAKE”.

On December 20, XXXTENTACION Was Sent On House Arrest For The Charges We Mentioned Earlier.

In December 25, Famous Dex Teamed Up With Reggie Mills & Ski Mask To Make “Up” On His Album “Read About It”.


On December 26, Ski Mask Released “WTF?!”.

On December 31, X Said No To Work With Ski Mask Again..

On January 1, 2018, Drake Released A Leak For his song “God’s Plan” Featuring Trippie Redd, & This Started Back & Forth Beef With Trippie Redd, also Bringing 6ix9ine In The Beef.

On January 2, Ski Released “Poltergist” Which Is Now Named Child Play.

On January 11, Youtuber Imdontai Streamed A Game Of Fortnite With XXX.

On January 22, X Announced A Collab Tape With Joey Bada$$.

On The Same Day, XXX Released A Video On his Youtube Channel Called “#THEHELPINGHANDCHALLENGE”, The Challenge was Who Ever Helped The Most Poor People/Kids Will get to Spend A Day With X.

On February 1, XXX Released His First Single of 2018, “Shining Like The Northstar”.

On February 2, Ski Mask Released A Reloaded Version Of “YouWillRegret” With Catch Me Outside, Take A Step Back, & WTF!?

On February 16, Ronny J Featured X On His Song “Banded Up”.

In February 22, XXXTENTACION Released A Song Called “Hope”, Which Was A Tribute To The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting That Occured In Parkland.

On Febuary 23, Ski Released DoIHaveTheSause?.

On March 2, XXX Released Some Of His Biggest Hits, “SAD!” & “changes”
With PNB Rock.

On March 8, XXX & Joey Bada$$ Released A Freestyle To Jay Rock, Future’s, Kendrick Lamar’s, & James Blake’s “King’s Dead Called King’s Dead Freestyle, He Also Shouted Out

On March 16, XXX Finally Dropped “?” With Another Hit Called “Moonlight”, And He Also Released Another Song With Joey Called “infinity (888)”, Also Has another hit on the album “the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)”, And He Went Back To His Screaming Side From 2014-16 On His Song “Floor 555”.

On May 11, Ski Mask Released BEWARE THE BOOK OF ELI which featured the earlier mentioned “CHILD’S PLAY (Poltergist)"And The also earlier mentioned sonic "DoIHaveTheSause?”, 2 Tracks Featuring Rich The Kid (BUKKAKE & LOST SOULS, A Track Featuring Ronny J Called “THROWAWAY'', A Song With Danny Towers called GEEKIN Where He Sings. Last But not Least, He Featured SahBabii On “COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE”.

On June 8, Ski Teamed Up with Cole Again To Drop [The Music Video For DoIHaveTheSause?](