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About UBAQ

UltraBice Aquarius (UBAQ) is a romanian artist, producer & songwritter born on February 16, 2001, Romania.
He discovered the mixing of sounds in 2016, when he made a very first album mix that has removed early 2017 when his musical career started.
On January 24, 2017 he released the first official mixtape album named “UBiverse” under his first stage name as artist: UltraBice. It came out on SoundCloud and on YouTube on his personal label channel called MusicGang.
A month later a new album came out, on March 4, for the first time available on a music distribution website (CDBaby).
On August 2017, UltraBice has linked his zodiac sign (Aquarius) on the already known name to create a shortcut name: UBAQ. Also, the logo has changed.
The other mixtapes for him on 2017 were: “Combo”, “Levels” and “WYIM”.
The next year have continued in the same way and on June 15, 2018 he released his first EP (FEELS EP). “equivocal”, a single which has introduced on EP became, in a short time, the most listened one withover 350 streams on SoundCloud.
The most popular release he released yet is the remix of “Burning Man” by watt and Post Malone which reached 1,000 streams on SoundCloud.
Starting July 2018, Ultra became a music producer changing his way of making music to a next level.
Through the years, UBAQ made 7 mixtape albums, 4 EP, one studio album, over 100 tracks, collabs + remixes.